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Opening the Treasure Box

(1:27) Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory! This mystery of Christ, embedded within us, becomes a heavenly treasure chest of hope filled with the riches of glory for his people, and God wants everyone to know it! 
(2:3) For our spiritual wealth is in him, like hidden treasure waiting to be discovered - heaven's wisdom and endless riches of revelation knowledge.
Hello, friend!
Consider for a moment the tremendous number of promises in the Bible about what life should or will be like in God's Kingdom. What if those statements are for What if there's a whole new way of life, just waiting for us to tap into it? What if those statements describe what Jesus, Paul, and others in the Bible really knew and expected of human life when sourced from above?
Well...from my own experience, I can agree that those promises are for us, and they are for now. It's incredible! It feels like I took the lid off the most amazing box of treasure and it's spilling out everywhere. I can't keep it all in! So, here I hope to take all the great books I have and am studying, the Scriptures I'm consuming, and what I'm discovering about walking with Jesus and life in the Kingdom of God, and put it into bite-size pieces that inspire and encourage you discover all the treasure that's in your box too! 

What have I found in the Treasure Box?  JOY...PEACE...HOPE...these are conditions of the soul, not inconsistent feelings... well as patience, self-control, purpose, significance, acceptance, contentment, gratitude...and it doesn't depend on circumstances.

And I've found freedom from...stress, worry, striving, discouragement, guilt, fear, shame, inferiority, insecurity...

It's there for you, too! Let's discover the Treasure together! ~ Angela


We CAN live completely satisfied and sustained regardless of the circumstance! A life without lack and fear. We CAN be transformed to be more like Jesus, where his spirit and actions are the natural outflow of our lives.

BUT...the battle is for your mind

Romans 12:2
Stop conforming to the ideals and opinions of the culture around you but instead be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God's will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes.

AND...we do have a role to play

Colossians 2:6-7
In the same way you received Jesus our Lord and Messiah by faith, continue your journey of faith, progressing further into your union with him! Your spiritual roots go deeply into his life as you are continually infused with strength, encouraged in every way. For you are established in the faith you have absorbed and enriched by your devotion to him!
2 Peter 3:18
But continue to grow and increase in God's grace and intimacy with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ....

Want to unpack your treasure chest?

We'll start with the hope of what Jesus came to do. Nope, it's probably not what you think. Over the next eight weeks, Monday through Friday, each day we'll study a Scripture passage and short teaching, and ask Jesus to help us discover the treasure He has for us! You can join now, or keep reading for a quick look at each week's topic.



Is the gospel I'm living in, one that magnetically draws others into it?

Passages include John 10, Matthew 6, Psalm 1, Psalm 23, 1st Corinthians & Philippians 


What Are We Doing Here?

The Epic Story

Is God really good? Why do bad things happen? What is my purpose? What is my hope tied to?

Passages include Genesis 1, Psalm 8, 1st Corinthians, Revelation 5 and 21


What is the Point of Christianity? 

Kingdom Priorities

What does God want from me? Why it's not about getting into heaven when I die..

Passages include John 15 & 17, Matthew 6 and 28, Mark 12, Romans 5, 6, 14


Who Are You Really?

Your True Identity

Does being a child of God actually impact my life now? Can being a child of God defeat insecurity, inferiority, guilt and shame?

Passages include Romans 8, 1st Corinthians, Galatians 2-4, Ephesians 1-2, Colossians 1


What is the

New Creation Life

Paul talks About?

Should a Christian's life look differently than that of a nonbeliever's? Where is the hope and freedom in being a

Passages include Luke 6, Ephesians 4-6, Colossians 3, Galatians 5, Romans 5 & 8


Accessing the Dynamic Life and Power of the Holy Spirit

How do I become a person who obeys Jesus when he says to bless those who bug me? Is it possible to not sin? What does it mean to "stay in the vine" or "abide"?

Passages include John 14 & 15, Galatians 5, Romans 8, Ephesians 4 & 6


Becoming Christ-like

Training, not TryinG

It's not on me, but I have a role to play. How do I do my part?

Passages include Luke 6, Colossians 3, 2 Peter 1, Psalm 1, Matthew 4 & 6, John 4,


As You Go -Living Daily...

in the Kingdom of God

In a Life Without Lack

Living completely satisfied and sustained, regardless of the circumstance

Passages include Psalm 1, Psalm 23, Matthew 6, John 10

Well, what do you think? Excited to discover the hope and freedom in your Treasure Box? I hope you join me on this great adventure! You can plan to study a short teaching and the corresponding Scripture passage daily, Monday through Friday, for the next eight weeks. You'll have the weekend open to reflect, meditate, talk with Jesus about what he's saying to you...or just catch up if you need to!
Questions? If you're reading this know how to get a hold of me. Send me a text, Polo, or Facebook message. I love you, friend! Can't wait to see you grow in the abundance of life that Jesus has for you!
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